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[YOL] temp ref - Alice by ELECTR0KINESIS [YOL] temp ref - Alice by ELECTR0KINESIS
Just quickly submitting this here - I don't want to submit yet another temporary reference, but I'll have to consider A) art block and B) i have to learn how to draw children. Ill work through my batch of commissions and then start working on the endless stream of references i need to do.
Anyway. This girl is Alice, and she's Mika's adopted daughter. Her biological father was never there, and her biological mother was 16 years old when she was expecting twin girls - one was adopted to a rich family, while Alice was left with her. Unable to take care for her daughter, she left her at the orphanage. Alice ran away from the orphanage when she was four years old, feeling left alone after being bullied by the other kids in the orphanage. She lived on the street for half a year with a group of homeless people until she nearly got run over by a car but pulled out of the way by Mika last minute. Even though she originally refused, he kind of persisited, taking care of her, bringing her food and clothes, until she took a liking of him and let herself be adopted, finally.

Here's some w.i.p info on her - everything will be in detail when I get her reference done.

• Full Name: Alice Pitfield
• Nickname: Lis, Lily
• Gender: Female
• Actual Age: 6
• Species: Yol
• Sexual Preference: -
• Saliva flavor: Bubblegum
• Occupation: Elementary school student
• Martial Status: -
• Hair Color: pink
• Eye Color: pink
• Height: 3'6"
• Weight: 43 lbs
• Body Type: Thin, lithe
• Dominant Hand: right

base is by DaringElle
yols belong to annicron
Deamonfoxgurl Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my goodness what a sweet little thing ^_^ Oh her story touches me so, poor baby girl. If Mika ever need a babysitter Mia is TOTALLY available ^_^
ELECTR0KINESIS Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014
guh, thank you ;o; Oh, I'll definitely add her to Alice's friend list!! Mika goes places kids can't go to, so he could use a babysitter!
Deamonfoxgurl Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awesome, Mia LOVES children and loves just hanging with them (since she can act like a big kid from time to time lol)
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July 1, 2014
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